Find the best café to work from with Maïka.

Want to find a coffee shop to work from? Or rate the one you just worked from? Maïka is here for you.

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About Maïka

Working from home is boring.

Working from a coworking space can be disapointing and expensive.

Working from a café is a good solution but... How to find the right place to go?

Maïka got your back.

With Maïka, finding the best café around will be as easy as... opening an app.

You'll see all cafés providing WiFi nearby, rated by users. Which means that yes, you can also rate the coffee shops you work from. Useful for the other remote workers.


Simple and efficient.

Show all cafés around you

You'll see pins around you, representing all cafés you can work from.

Everything you need to know about a place

You just have to click on the pin to see all you need to know about the café.

Shows you the best route

Maïka is connected to Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Add and rate a place

Maïka is community based. You can add any café or restaurant you want, and rate it.

Verified cafés

Cafés owners have the possibility to prove their shops are work-friendly places. The map will show you which cafés you can trust.

Pricing Plan

For users, Maïka is 100% free.

Even establishments owners can add their places without being charged

But we want to provide our users the best experience they can have.
For this reason, we give owners the possibility to have their places verified by our teams.
To do so, they'll have to send Maïka's team proves that their place is work-friendly. After reviewing it, we decide - or not - to give the café the label.
This way, as a user, you know that going to a specific place will guarantee you good work conditions.

For owners, we have two plans


  • • Be shown as 'verified' place on the app
  • • Be more visible to +4000 remote workers
  • • Be part of the Maïka network and have access to future exclusive features
49 € /Month


  • • All monthly plan advantages
  • • With 2 months free
490 € /Year

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